Grey Agate Bowl

Grey Agate bowls are beautifully hand-crafted from a single natural precious stone. Great for healing uses mediation and for storage or display of your crystals, this Crystal Agate Bowl will definitely add value to your home decor collection. Agate is the banded form of Chalcedony, a micro-crystalline variety of Quartz.Agate is a wonderful gemstone for healing mind, body, and spirit as it is believed to stimulate the crown chakra and is often used to make worry stones and help to gently release difficult emotions and disperse negative thoughts. It has a magical ability to promote growth to our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. And these beautifully crafted bowls can be used as home decor, office decor, table decoration, interior decor, outdoor. Experience the joy of gifting something handmade, handcrafted, and one of a kind bowls.. 

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